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Online - London, United Kingdom

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Think meditation isn’t for you? You obviously haven’t met Poonam Dhuffer.

We need to understand how to listen to our bodies and hearts in order to fully rest and restore. Discover the seven different types of rest needed for you to thrive in your relationships, career and personal life.

Join self-compassion meditation practitioner and founder of YSM8, Poonam Dhuffer for a self-reflection and guided meditation workshop to kick start the year.

We will give you the tools on how to take care of your needs and why we all need to fully switch off and be present during the festive period.

Together with Poonam you will learn and discover:
  • How to identify the seven different types of rest
  • How to discover the type of rest you need the most
  • Why our thoughts and emotions impact our vibration
  • How to promote movement for body peace and inner healing
  • How to cultivate self-compassion is the ultimate self-care
  • What habits can we create that promote a sense of calm and restore us

  • Safety: we’re all here to explore, observe and reflect in a space and open space
  • Kindness: we speak with kindness towards each other and about ourselves
  • Letting go of fixing: imagine that nobody in the room needs fixing including yourself
  • Practicing non judgement: we’re all doing our best
  • Cultivating compassion: we all make mistakes, we’re all human
  • Respecting differences: we allow others to be different from you
  • Protecting confidentiality: we don't discuss outside the group what individuals share in the session
  • Honouring diversity: be open to what you do not know about other people
  • Supporting inclusion: we all belong and we all want to be loved
  • Giving space: some people need more privacy than others

How to get the best experience:
  • We encourage you to have your camera on - this is safe space for everyone
  • When you join us your camera will be off and your audio will be muted
  • Please kindly keep your audio on mute throughout the workshop
  • We share our thoughts and feeling using both the chat function and audio
  • Use a laptop/computer for a seamless user experience
  • Please remove all distractions - emails, mobile phones, TV

What you will need:
  • to be sitting in a quiet space
  • a candle / matches / lighter
  • a journal/ notepad and pen
  • a good speaker / headphones for a more intimate experience
  • a cup of tea/ herbal/ water


Attendees — 29

 - Rest & Reset: YSM8 meditation wake up callLondon, United Kingdom