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Recruitment is biased. Disabled people might not (literally) be able to get through your door. Potential entrepreneurs in your business may have their CVs dismissed if they’re dyslexic (40% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic), if they have typos (or their emails do). Creatives over 50+ have an amazing wealth of knowledge, are great face to face communicators and have the skills to help mentor/grow a team efficiently. How many over 50's are on your shop floor?

Many companies, use a staff incentivised bonus scheme and ‘hire direct’ from friends of friends. What this can mean is that unless you’re diverse yourself, you’ll end up hiring the same kinds of people over and over again.
Bias is the reality in any workplace, but it doesn't have to be.

With National Inclusion Week coming up (23 - 29th September!) we're holding an open 3.5-hour workshop to help you reduce bias in your recruitment process. Game changing for inclusion and diversity right from the start of your resource supply chain.

  • Understand how bias can influence your candidate selection (and who might be struggling to get through this process)
  • Rethink your recruitment outreach
  • Understand how to create an inclusive supply chain
  • Gain a selection of tools to take away and apply

Culture is to recruiting what product is to marketing. Places are limited, so get in quick!
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