Rye Here Rye Now May
Zoom - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Rye Here Rye Now

Calling all graphic designers, illustrators, digital designers, product designers, textile designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives!

What: Join us online for a casual meet-up to support our current and new creative community members. Discuss design, WFH, exchange ideas or current briefs, and meet people to collaborate with all from the safety of your own home. There will even be a chance for you to take the floor and share your project with the entire group.

This month we will have three speakers talking about technology and online creative collaborations.

Ana Bender is a multidisciplinary Strategic Designer specialised in Content, a Facilitator and Designer by heart. Content Strategy and facilitation has been part of her work since the early stages of her career, even when she couldn't name it. Ana is also the Community Manager of Rye Here Rye Now.
She will discuss online collaboration challenges and how digital platforms promise to ease the new challenges we face since the pandemic started.

Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes is an artist, researcher and activist with 15 years of experience. He has been questioning our relationship with time as individuals and as a society. Founder of Torus Time Lab and a member of Time Machine Organization in Europe. Brazilian from the Amazon Rainforest region, living in Amsterdam since 2017. His current work includes an international and transdisciplinary community on the quest to be in sync with new temporalities for our planet.
He will share how changing our relationship with time can lead to new habits of existence for the next era – and an exciting tool for doing that.

Anat Shabi is a pharmacist turned facilitator and business coach. She specialises in designing innovative and creative workshops for healthcare teams, enabling them to identify and maximise their individual and collective strengths.
She's a stickler for simplicity and in addition to coaching scientists for engaging communications she writes fun stories for kids about the human body.
During her session, Anat will discuss the challenges of forming deep connections online and how an innovative kinaesthetic tool, LegoSeriousPlay, has helped bridge this gap during the pandemic. This will be followed by a short practical demonstration.
Join the practical activity and bring 5-10 Lego bricks or alternatively colour crayons and a blank piece of paper. (5 min activity)

How: Sign up for a free ticket to this event on this page. We'll send you a link  few days before.Contact: Any questions? Email us on hello@ryehereryenow.com
About Rye Here Rye Now: Being part of the creative industries can mean being involved in a lot of exciting and fast-paced teamwork, but it can also mean working from home studios or hot-desking in a different space each week, which can be a solitary affair. Rye Here Rye Now is a community born to bring graphic designers, illustrators, design thinkers, web designers, product designers, textile designers, designer-makers, photographers, filmmakers, artists and other creatives together, encouraging collaboration and creativity. Imagine what we can build as a group!

Who: Miho Aishima and Kat Garner are both graphic designers living and working in South London.
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Attendees — 9

Rye Here Rye Now MayLondon, United Kingdom