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Wellness series
This month is about wellness and personal health. We wanted to put a focus on wellness because it's an incredibly challenging time for so many, and it's so easy to let the stress and sadness take over. We want to support you in feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally through our wellness webinars. This series will cover sessions including self care in a crisis, self-love meditation, feel good food, and rediscovering yourself.

Join our Self Love Meditation practice to:
  • Begin your self love meditation journey
  • Learn techniques on how to better love yourself
  • Surround yourself with positive and encouraging energy
  • Q&A with our host Pubali

Samantha Feller once said:
'It’s so easy to get lost in negative thoughts and self-doubt. Underneath those feelings of lack and insecurity often lies a deeper truth: We do not feel worthy of love. Societal ideals condition us to believe that we must always strive to be “better.” That means thinner, happier, richer, smarter—you get the picture. Rarely are we ever made to believe that we are enough just as we are.

We may not even feel that we are worthy of our own love, which is tragic.

When my inner critic starts to creep in, telling me that I’ll never be successful or happy, my yogic sensibility reminds me to pause whatever I’m doing, rest, and breathe. There are times when I reach for the ice cream instead and choose to wallow. But then the rabbit hole of negativity remains, and the recovery period is always longer.

Meditating on self-love allows me to reconnect with my heart—to remember that I am worthy of love, especially my own.

Mastering the day-to-day range of human emotion can be so challenging. I have found that moments when I slip into “not-enoughness” are when I need most to focus on loving myself.'

About our host:

Pubali Bardhan is an experienced creative copywriter and fledgling illustrator. Her career spans countries and continents. While not adapting to different tones of voices, or working out brand strategies and creative solutions, she's a writer of fiction. Her blogs include short stories titled 'Tales from the Tube' about people on the London Underground. She's currently making good use of lockdown by writing her novel, and has just finished a 7-day home meditation retreat run by the London Buddhist Centre (LBC).
She has a dedicated practice in meditation, and meditates for anything between half an hour to 2 hours everyday, and has done so for 7 years. She practices all the main types - mindfulness, loving kindness (metta) and insight (vipassana). With over 2000 hours of meditation, including 3 meditation retreats, she feels she's just about scratching the surface of a practice that is rooted in cognitive psychology, science, philosophy and ethics. She is loving the way it is changing her brain and 'personality' – though one would argue that the aim of meditation is to get rid of false ego and personality. She hopes to share some of her learnings through a metta meditation, so we can all progress to becoming lighter, happier, wiser and more compassionate beings. Something that is needed now, more than ever.

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G&G aims to provide our network with opportunities to lift up one another and put the ladder across. We offer the opportunity to collaborate in all of our offerings.

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*To join this webinar, you need to get a ticket via our Eventbrite*

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