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Serpentine Queer Currents and storytelling platform PRIM host a series of readings from works by Afro-Brazilian authors inside the exhibition Gabriel Massan & Collaborators: Third World: The Bottom Dimension. Focusing on the writers that have influenced the project and its collaborators, the event shares interdisciplinary approaches to worldbuilding and emergence, while offering a late night opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Texts will be read in Portuguese and English.

Third World: The Bottom Dimension is an experimental exhibition, video-game and web3 project led by artist Gabriel Massan with Serpentine Arts Technologies that brings together a vital generation of interdisciplinary, queer, Afro-diasporic Brazilian artists, including Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Novíssimo Edgar, LYZZA, Jota Mombaça and Ventura Profana. Through the lenses of decoloniality and decentralisation, the project challenges us to rethink the ways in which we understand and orient ourselves in the world.

PRIM is a platform for storytelling by African, Caribbean and Afro-Latinx fam. They offer unique online and physical spaces dedicated to educating, connecting, documenting and sharing the myriad of mediums through which queer people of Black ancestry share their stories and experiences. @prim.black

Important Information

Please note this event will be documented.

For more information about the project and the exhibition, please visit the Serpentine website.


Attendees — 3

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Serpentine's Queer Currents x PRIM: Late Night View of Gabriel Massan & Collaborators - Third World: The Bottom DimensionW Carriage Dr, London W2 2AR, UK