19 - London, United Kingdom

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Helen Yu, a top 10 global influencer, will speak about digital transformation and the crossroads between technology and humanity.

About this Event

When not scaling Mount Everest or ice climbing glaciers, you can find Helen Yu thinking about the crossroads of tech and humanity.

Ms Yu has led multibillion-dollar revenue growth and profitability for pre-IPOs and Fortune 500 enterprises, including Oracle, Adobe and Marketo.

We're so excited to have Ms Yu, Chicago based founder of Tigon Advisory, with us on this webinar to explore three lessons for innovative thinkers and business leaders to hit the reset button on the future.

Webinar outline
  • Introduction
  • Let's talk about digital transformation, technology & humanity
  • Host and Expert Q&A
  • Open Q&A to the audience

WorkClub is excited to have Helen Yu to share her insights about the digital transformation and how it can influence humanity as a whole.

Zoom - https://zoom.us/j/98622840338
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Shaping Digital Transformation at the Intersection of Tech and HumanityLondon, United Kingdom