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Organised by She Says

Presenting creative work can be a challenge for even the most experienced creative. It requires a combination of persuasive storytelling techniques, confidence and creative presentation skills. This workshop by Shesays and Growth and Grace collective, aims to help creatives learn essential skills to pitch their ideas better.
This event is a part of #SheStandsOut campaign.

Date & time: Wednesday, Oct 9th, 6:30pm onwards
84 Theobald's Road London, WC1X 8NL

It will be a combination of two parts:
  • Public speaking session: run by Lara Khalaf, Woman's Development Specialist and TedX speaker.
Lara is a Woman’s Empowerment and Leadership Specialist, Tedx and International Speaker. Hard work”, “determination” and “Love” are the main qualities that most defined Lara’s career and life accomplishments to date. She was raised between Syria and Spain. Although she holds a degree in literature, she has more than 20 years of international experience in progressive leadership roles and managing large team operations across organizations in the private, corporate and public sectors. Some of the top clients she served are from insurance brokerage, banking, entertainment and media, marketing, technology, facilities management, medicine and Royalty.  Lara is also the Co-founder of Woman 5.0 and her woman’s coaching and empowerment firm develops and transforms women’s leadership, both personal and with teams, in a conscious, confident and feminine way.
  • Creative Pitching session: run by Neda Shadanlou , a senior advertising creative and film director.
Neda is a Freelance Senior Creative, currently works at Netflix and as a Film Director at Dirty. She is originally from Iran. She learnt the craft of writing and bringing scripts to life whilst working as a Creative at agencies like Mother, Karmarama & JWT. And she's picked up a British Broadcast Promax Award for her work and also Campaign of the Year at the PR Awards. Since then she's been making weird and wonderful short films and her aim moving forward is to bring non-western narratives into the mainstream.
The first one will show the participants how to prepare for their calm their nerves, project their voice and read the audience mood to really own the room. The second session will help them to construct a creative pitch and tell their creative stories persuasively and confidently.


Aiming to encourage women to up their self PR game, #SheStandsOut launched in 2018 is the brain-child of Mikaela Rice.

  • SheSays is an award-winning global network focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in the creative industries including but not limited to advertising, media, arts, music and film. Founded in 2007, SheSays is the first and largest international network for creative women with presence in 50 cities and over 45k members worldwide. In the UK, SheSays has over 7k active subscribers at various stages in their careers, from recent graduates to Creative Partners, CCOs and CEOs.

  • Growth & Grace Collective (G&G), a non-industry specific network seeking to connect, inspire and empower women globally. The Collective seeks to encourage women to meet likeminded souls who work in other sectors and hold programmes of work for various industries, including tech, digital and creative industries. G&G's goal is to elevate women out of social mobility issues, remove the financial burden of networking/professional development and give women a platform and a voice. Follow them on Linkedin at @Growth& Grace Collective and Instagram: Growthandgracecollective

Massive thank you to our wonderful host : SYZYGY London
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Attendees — 93

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