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Organised by Inkling Group

Inkling are bringing our flagship two-day public speaking workshop back to the UK! Speakeasy has taught thousands of women around the world to speak up and speak out. This intensive, interactive workshop has helped women to find their voice and look forward to every speaking opportunity. We are offing the community at The Dots a 25% disount for this event so please us the discount code TheDots25.
Speakeasy deals head-on with the fears that hold people back from speaking with confidence, excellence, authenticity and ease. Speakeasy’s results speak for themselves. At the start of the program, participants rate their confidence and skills in speaking at an average of two out of ten. By the end of the two days, this rating has jumped 70% to an average of nine out of ten.
Speakeasy draws on evidence-based theories and techniques from the field of neuropsychology to help women conquer their nerves and become confident speakers and influencers. With our strengths-based approach, participants develop a speaking style that feels natural and authentic. Speakeasy provides multiple opportunities to practise techniques and to receive honest, caring, and constructive feedback in an exceptionally safe environment.
Who is Speakeasy for? Speakeasy is for women who would like to:
  • Increase their confidence
  • Move past negative self-talk
  • Develop an authentic presence
  • Get their message across clearly and succinctly
  • Engage any audience, whether it be 2 or 200 people
  • Learn to manage the fear that arises when they think about public speaking
  • Actually look forward to speaking!
  • Nail every speaking opportunity that comes their way – planned or unplanned
What will I learn?
At Speakeasy you will learn how to:
  • Shape your content
  • Hook your audience in and keep them engaged
  • Perfect your opening
  • Use your voice to command
  • Use gestures without feeling awkward (and yes, we’ll answer the question ‘what do I do with my hands?!’)
You will also have the opportunity to ask about the specific concerns and issues that impact your public speaking ability, such as:
  • What to do when you’re interrupted
  • How to be heard in a room of busy people
  • How to best prepare for your presentations
  • How to insert yourself into the conversation
  • How to win over negative or cynical people
  • You will also develop strong and supportive connections with a group of inspiring, like-minded women.

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