1, The Relay Building, 114 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7PT, UK

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Welcome to the creative industry! Whether you've been here a year or two, just landed yourself a killer interview, or are looking for a way in then you're going to need to know how to sell yourself. You've got a strong portfolio, but how do you ensure that you set yourself up for success, connect with your new peers and have a laugh while you're at it?

In this session, The Design Kids, will be offering some tips and advice on presenting and talking about your work effectively.

Attend this session if you:
  • Are looking to present your work with impact
  • Find yourself going on tangents about complicated projects
  • Are looking to boost your confidence when talking about your work
  • Want to impress clients, neighbours , your cat and anything in between about your creative endeavours
  • Would like to expand your network and connect with other London creatives

About The Design Kids
TDK (The Design Kids) is a global online resource and local offline communities around the world, for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. We aim to educate, inspire and connect you to the design industry.

We host free monthly meetups on the first Tuesday of every month called #TDKTuesdays where we organise a space to hang out, have a beer and encourage anyone interested to come along! This year’s highlights have been studio tours with Design Bridge, Jelly London and JKR.

This talk will be delivered by your TDKTuesday hosts Charlotte, India and Anoushka.
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Attendees — 79

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