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In this Missing Pillar Talk we focus in on questions about how people, organisations and decision makers can work together in pursuit of sustainable development through culture: from grass roots to policy to place. Where are we going, who plays what role, and what actions can be taken?

Commissioner Sophie Howe, Wellbeing of Future Generations, Wales David Wilson, Bradford UNESCO Creative City of Film Claire McColgan, Culture Liverpool Civic Role of Arts organisation (tbc)
Breakout rooms
1. Art on the streets and the Sustainable Development Goals with Charlotte Pyatt
2. The psychology of cities and places: how can culture help people connect and recover? with Chris Murray.

This breakout session will look at the relationship between citizens, place and mental and emotional wellbeing.  It will ask: What are the psychological impacts of Covid on people’s relationship to place, and how can culture help to rebuild these, contributing to SDG 11 “making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” in a post-Covid world.

One way of gaining an insight into the identity and character of a town or city is to look at it as if it were a person.  As part of their urban psychology work, Chris Murray and Charles Landry wondered what would happen if a city could take a personality test, would it be introvert or extrovert, agreeable, nurturing or compartmentalised? It is not meant to give a definitive description of a place, but can be an interesting and different way into a conversation about where people live and work.

Try out the city personality test here.


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The Missing Pillar Talks: Culture’s Contribution to Sustainable DevelopmentLondon, United Kingdom