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Learn how to write & pitch powerful features for and about women, in this high-impact online class with Zing Tsjeng, journalist & podcaster.

The media landscape looks vastly different to how it did ten years ago, and if the past few months have taught us anything about journalism, it’s that we need it to be more accessible, more online and more accountable. As someone with an opinion you’d like to put into writing, how do you ensure that writing is relevant, engaging and empowering? How can you then put your writing onto editors’ desks and into people’s minds?

In this high-impact online workshop, Zing Tsjeng will be joining us to show you how the tone, format and interests of women’s media is changing, and how you can - and should - put yourself forward.

A leader in creating women’s media that is fun, creative, engaging, digitally-focused, progressive and deeply relevant - the kind of content that women want to read, listen to and share - Zing is perfectly placed to take you through exactly what makes an effective feature, how to research suitable publications for your work, what editors look for in a pitch, and how you can make your work more interactive and shareable.

You will cover all bases of progressive women’s media with a leader in the industry, and come away with the knowhow and confidence to expand your own portfolio and get your name out there.

As we live through a time in which it is more essential than ever that we are reading a diverse pool of stories, this is your opportunity to use your time in isolation to make your mark on the media.

Course content
  • Women’s media: how the tone, format and interests are changing, and what this means for you
  • What makes an effective feature?
  • What editors look for when commissioning content
  • How to approach pitches and put your ideas forward
  • Expanding your portfolio: working in podcasts and books

Tutor profile
Zing Tsjeng is the executive editor VICE UK and a journalist, podcaster and author. In 2014, she launched the UK edition of the award-winning millennial women’s website Broadly. In 2018, Octopus published her four-book series Forgotten Women, which explores the untold stories of inspiring women who have been marginalised from history. She hosts the BBC podcast Obsessed With... Killing Eve, the award-winning sex and dating podcast My First Time and the official Women’s Prize for Fiction podcast. She is also a presenter for VICE and has appeared on Woman’s Hour, the Victoria Derbyshire Show, and others. She tweets @misszing.


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 - The new rules of writing for women: With VICE UK's executive editorLondon, United Kingdom