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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Royal Society of Arts

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The 2021 Albert Medal Event

Sarah Gilbert is the scientist who designed the Oxford Vaccine – one of the most significant breakthrough developments in the global fight against coronavirus.

As she receives the 2021 RSA Albert Medal for ‘collaborative innovation for the global common good’, Professor Gilbert joins RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor to reflect on an extraordinary year for scientific innovation, and to tell the inside story of what it took to design, trial, and manufacture a safe and effective vaccine at record speed and scale.

As vaccination programmes begin to rollout around the world, she discusses the steps that need to be taken to secure and safeguard an equitable global distribution of this life-saving innovation. And she considers what can we learn from the way governments and institutions responded to Covid-19 – at both national and global levels - to better prepare us for the next pandemic.

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 - The Oxford Vaccine: Innovation for the Global GoodLondon, United Kingdom