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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by The Marketing Society

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It’s time to reimagine your business…
Most businesses are just not fit for the future. And that was before Covid-19. Nine months later, we could never have imagined how important it would be to reimagine your future, to reinvent your business, to recode how you work. Join us for a session with global thought leader, Peter Fisk where he will share insights from his new book ‘Business Recoded’. The book is about these three key things:

Inspiring leadership
Having the courage to step up, to look further ahead and shape a better future; more farsighted to make sense of change, more ambitious to embrace a higher purpose, and more energising to deliver that better future together.

Strategic innovation
Reimagining markets and how they work, how brands reengage with customers, and enable people to achieve more; and equally reimagining organisations, business models and ways of working in order to deliver this.

Positive impact
Developing business as a platform for change, and force for good; leveraging its power to address the big social and environmental challenges, aligning to create greater, long-term economic value, shared more equally between stakeholders.

  • Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society
  • Peter Fisk, CEO GeniusWorks and Professor IE Business School


Attendees — 4

 - The Uplifters Series: Have you got the courage to create a better future?London, United Kingdom