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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by TypoCircle

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Join our Chairwoman, Louise Sloper in conversation with D&AD President, Naresh Ramchandani, for our first virtual inspiration event of 2021.

Join Naresh Ramchandani in conversation with our Chair, Louise Sloper, for our first virtual inspiration event of 2021.

D&AD President Naresh Ramchandani is working with the organisation this year to investigate how creativity can tackle global issues and explore how to create a fairer, more diverse industry.

Naresh co-founded 'Do The Green Thing', a non-profit public service that has so far inspired 40 million people worldwide to live a greener life, and is currently a Partner at Pentagram.

He founded creative agency Kamarama in 2000, creating "the monstrous elite designer Van Den Puup" for IKEA, devised YouTube’s first ever advertising campaign, and has spoken at the House of Commons about the relationship between desirability and sustainability.

We look forward to Naresh taking us through some of his more recent work for Amnesty and the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, as well as the highly talked-about Poster Power and Home Poems (https://www.pentagram.com/work/poster-power-at-uniqlo-tate-lates/story).

We look forward to seeing you all on the 4th Feb!


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