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The House of St Barnabas 1 Greek St London W1D 4NQ - London, United Kingdom
Under the Covers is an illuminating series of talks in which Ella Berthoud, bibliotherapist and co-author of The Novel Cure: An A-Z of Literary Remedies puts an author, artist or person of note onto the couch, and asks them all about the books that made them – what they read as a child and a teenager, what they read now - and all about their lives and what they have just been writing, painting or performing.

About Peace Talks:

'A moving and direct study of frailty, love and time and luck and grief' Guardian

Peace Talks – the second novel by Tim Finch was shortlisted for the Costa Novel of the Year Award 2020.

Edvard Behrends is a diplomat, highly regarded for his work on international peace negotiations. Under his arbitration, unimaginable atrocities are coolly dissected; invisible lines, grown taut and frayed with conflict, redrawn.

In his latest post, Edvard has been sent to a nondescript hotel in the Tyrol. High up on this mountain, the air is bright and clear.

He confides in no one – no one but his wife Anna. Anna, who he loves with all his heart; Anna, always present and yet forever absent.

‘A feat of telling… masterfully rendered’ Spectator


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Under The Covers with Tom Finch, author of 'Peace Talks'London, United Kingdom