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Learn how Picnic uses AI to drive business success: a strategic and skills-based guide
Join us for an insightful webinar where you'll learn how Picnic, the online grocery delivery company, harnesses AI to enhance its just-in-time supply chain, customer service, and overall business strategy.

Daniel Gebler, CTO, will discuss how they use AI for demand forecasting, route planning, and warehouse management, making it a pioneer in the grocery delivery industry.  Learn how the deployment of AI helps to identify trends in customer behaviour, supporting the creation of new products and services. As well as how the integration of Generative AI has transformed customer support, resulting in personalised and efficient interactions. 

Picnic's success shows that AI & GenAI has the power to reshape industries, create efficiencies, and unlock new opportunities. However, to fully realise this potential, you must not only comprehend advanced algorithms but also cultivate high-performing teams and develop key skills.

Leena Pankhania, GenAI Strategy Lead at AND Digital, will share the essential qualities of teams that are driving successful Generative AI projects. As a result, you'll discover the critical steps and considerations you need to take when identifying and prioritising areas for AI transformation within your own organisation.

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Unleashing the Power of AI with Picnic's CTO Daniel GeblerLondon, United Kingdom