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Visible Mending Workshop

Wearers Festival and Something™ are excited to present a Visible Mending Workshop and book presentation as part of the event series Wearers Mending Something, a friendly, informal and intimate soiree aiming to reflect on our personal relationships with our clothes and the importance of repairing and giving a long life to the garments we already own.

The session (which will be taking place live in an actual venue #GoodbyeZoom yasss!) will feature a short presentation by Mila Embury on her exciting research for her book The Beauty of Mending and a visible mending workshop for beginners facilitated by the marvellous Shelley Zetuni. Refreshments included.

Bring that damaged jumper/sock/vest/etc. that you don’t wear anymore but you love too much to throw away. Shelley will be teaching the basics of the lovely technique of darning.

Visible Mending is a gorgeous way to mend clothes. The techniques you’ll learn in the workshop are inspired by the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which means golden joinery. They re-weave yarn into the fabric of a garment or item of upholstery to seamlessly patch a hole. Instead of hiding the mend, Visible Mending techniques celebrate it by making it bold and beautiful.

Access features

Date: Saturday 11th of September 2021.

Time: 3:00-5:30pm.

Cost: £25

Venue: Something™’s studio near Oxford Street (Central London)

Capacity: 10 people.

RSVP to this event: email hello@wearersfestival.com to save your place. First come first served!

Materials you will need to bring:

- A garment that needs mending (ask us if you are in doubt of what to bring!)

- Thread or yarn of similar weight, or a little lighter to what you’re mending

- 1 x darning needle

- A darning disc, mushroom or small embroidery hoop (or something to tension the work on)

- a pair of scissors

Let us know if you’d prefer us to provide your materials for £7

About the facilitators

Mila Embury is a Fashion Promotion graduate from Ravensbourne University specialising in art directing, writing and editing the original publication The Beauty of Mending. The book explores visuals and written content based around the unexpected beauty of “worn” clothes and the lost art of mending, inspired by the Japanese concepts of ‘Wabi-sabi’. The Beauty of Mending aims to introduce the philosophy of the beauty of imperfection to Western society, specifically within the context of the garment industry.

Shelley Zetuni is the creative force behind Sewingsmith. Having trained as a couture milliner with Mrs Rose Cory, milliner to the late Queen Mother, she set up and ran her own millinery studio in North London’s iconic Hornsey Town Hall, where she was lucky enough to count royalty amongst her client list. Shelley's approach to mending clothes draws on the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which means golden joinery. By applying an understanding of colour and pattern, she aims to sensitively repair damaged clothing by reinventing the imperfections and celebrate their beauty. Shelley loves that she is adding to the history and helping to extend the life of an item of clothing.

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Visible Mending: workshop and book presentation.London, United Kingdom