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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Like minded females (LMF Network CIC)


  • Find it hard to find your feet in challenging times?
  • Often compare your progress and achievements to other people?
  • Feel insecure when you face rejection or failure?
  • Want to stay positive and confident in the midst of uncertainty?
If you answered yes then this webinar is for you! To overcome the stress, inevitable changes and setbacks in life you need RESILIENCE. Resilience helps you pull yourself together in challenging times and stops you from folding underpressure.

In this webinar Sonya and Tiwalola will share their stories of how they've bounced back after a set back and give you practical tools to build resilience, cope with stress, maintain a positive outlook on life and practice self-compassion.

What topics will be covered?

  • Dealing with change
  • Maintaining a positive mindset
  • Bouncing back from failure and rejection

Who are our speakers?

Tiwalola Ogunlesi - Life Coach and Founder, Confident and Killing It
Instagram - @tiwalowla / @confidentandkillingit
Sonya Barlow - Founder, Like-Minded Females
Instagram - @lmfnetwork/@sonyabarlowuk

Key takeaways?

  • Learn how to manage your mind so you can build a strong and positive mindset
  • Gain practical tools for building resilience and being unstoppable
  • Manage stress and stay strong in challenging situations
  • Introduction to new community members

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Attendees — 26

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