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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by The Marketing Society

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Our Global Conversation series allows marketers to explore the opportunities and challenges currently being presented to us at a global level from the Economy, Brand Survival, Long Term Impact & Sustainability, Team Management, Black Lives Matter, Future Proofing and more – we talk about the issues that are affecting marketers right now at a global and a local level. Every month we discuss the topics that are at the forefront of our marketer’s minds.

In this month's Global Conversation, we bring leaders together from our hubs who will reveal their New Year’s revolution, by sharing what they are going to change and put more focus on in 2021. Looking at the year ahead we will explore what needs to change for marketing and the areas in which we need to focus on.

This session is moderated by Sophie Devonshire, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society, who will be joined by: Wendy Walker, CMO, Salesforce


Attendees — 23

 - What do we need to change in marketing for 2021?London, United Kingdom