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Your story is shaped by the simple daily choices we make - what are you choosing to say “Yes” to and what are you choosing to say “No” to? How do your daily “Yes” and “No” impact your self-care, your energy, your time, your creativity, and your joy?

This workshop allows us space and time to explore our daily habits and rituals, where we spend our Time & Energy (two of our greatest resources) and what we are consciously or unconsciously choosing in our lives. By creating space for self-reflection it allows us to identify some weekly non-negotiables that are unique to you. The end result will be more clarity, more alignment with what it is that is important to you, more energy,

Please bring paper and a pen so that you can engage in your own structured reflection during this session.

What to expect from this session:

Understand the importance of consciously choosing our Yes and our No

Guided Self-Reflection on where we spend our time / energy / what is important to us

Time to identify our own unique non-negotiables

More clarity and more alignment on what is important to us

More space for our own creativity, wellbeing, energy and joy

Less space for resentment, stress and wasting precious energy and time

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This event is taking place live from Dublin, Ireland. Please calculate the time difference if joining from elsewhere.

This event is open to both our Iconic members and non-members.

With Kate Gaffey of Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness provides wellbeing workshops, programmes and training is to the corporate market. The focus with our work is always on including heart & soul -creating meaningful experiences and connections which make a positive change in the lives of those who attend. At Workplace Wellness we understand that all lasting changes must start from within, so each of our workshops focuses on engaging with techniques that create tangible results for those who attend. There is no death by PowerPoint here, expect to be an active participant and come away feeling like you have had an experience where you have been renewed, inspired or restored.

Kate Gaffey is the founder of Workplace Wellness. She has provided soulful corporate wellbeing services to organisations in Ireland since 2014. Kate is passionate about facilitating meaningful conversations, authentic connection and unapologetic self-care. You can listen to Kate on the Good Glow podcast here, Good Glow health here and follow her on Instagram here.
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When to Say Yes & When to Say No with Workplace WellnessDublin, Ireland