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The pandemic has irrevocably altered consumer behaviour, brand preference and media consumption. There has never been a better time for challenger brands to scale to the mainstream. So forget everything you knew about how to spend your marketing budget to scale your brand, and let’s embrace a new future.

With 20 years of marketing experience, Rob Ward is Co-founder at And Rising, partner to some of the fastest growing scale-ups, helping them become universally loved brands of tomorrow. He has helped scale Seedlip, popchips, NIO Cocktails and Halo Top and is an investor and board member of Native Snacks and Tonic Health.

Rob will be joined by Richard, GM at NIO Cocktails who he has helped scale, to talk practically (we’ve all had enough theory, right?) about how to plan your media and create a stand-out creative campaign.

What we'll cover
  • Consumer trends
  • Comms planning
  • Creative development

How will you join?
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What is The Copy Club?
A network of entrepreneurial marketeers who get together in casual, fun settings. We’re passionate about a few things:
  • Choosing an entrepreneurial business environment shouldn’t mean you miss out on training and development opportunities you’d have at bigger companies
  • Learning from other people who do your job in totally different businesses is really rewarding
  • Classroom training is useful, but what’s even more useful is learning as you go, from others who have faced similar challenges


Attendees — 2

 - You can’t afford to get on TV? Think again. How to plan your media & create a stand-out creative campaignLondon, United Kingdom