9 days ago
  • Level Senior
  • Professions Brand Analyst, Brand Consultant, Brand Strategist
  • Type Freelance
  • Location London, United Kingdom


SOLE COLLECTIVE is a new customisation fashion footwear brand for health-conscious women aged 25-45. We are seeking a passionate, creative strategist to build our brand identity with experience in contemporary fashion branding.
We are set out to communicate the brand and product personality in order to connect to the consumer through compelling visuals and branded storytelling.

SOLE COLLECTIVE is inspired by the desire to create beautifully constructed feminine footwear for women who are struggling to pair comfort with style.

SOLE COLLECTIVE is a premium label known for timeless, well-fitting, personalised shoes that are supported by scientifically developed footwear technology, experts and podiatrists, addressing all foot types. We give the consumer the power to determine their right fit without involving a specialist, while providing them with more fitting options than any other fashion brand.

We require a branding strategist who will refine and polish our initial concept with the key accountabilities being:
1. Logo design- primary & secondary
2. Tagline
3. Visual brand identity
4. Communication of fashion & health focus
5. Vision/ Mission statement
6. Values/ qualities/ benefits
7. Product strategy
8. Brand positioning
9. Customer research & profile building
10. Competitor analysis
11. Style guide
a. Colour scheme- Pantone/ CMYK/ RGB
b. Font + size
c. On brand vs off brand
d. Imagery + guidelines
e. Packaging guidelines
12. Tone of voice (if available)

Skills Required

  • Brand Awareness
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop