26 days ago
  • Level Senior
  • Professions Front-end Developer
  • Type Full Time
  • Location London, United Kingdom


About Draw
We’re a digital agency that believes in making things better.
We help fans around the world explore their love of music. We help lawyers in London beat news outlets to the punch. We help consultants in New York find the next generation of game changers. We help charities in Africa better communicate how they’re saving children from disease.
Everything we do - from building websites to enhancing customer relationships - is driven by a rigorous strategic approach based on our client’s core business goals. We focus on outcomes, not outputs.
The role
We are currently seeking a talented and experienced Lead Front End Developer to join our tech team. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading Front End Development on mid to large scale projects, and setting standards and approaches for the Front End Development team.
Expertise in all areas of Front End Development, including:
  • HTML, CSS & preprocessors (Sass/Less)
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • Task Runners (Gulp / Grunt / Webpack)
  • Javascript frameworks (Vue / React / Angular)
  • Accessibility standards
Leadership of both the Front End capability, projects and the wider technical team is required of the successful candidate. You must be able to raise others up to achieve their potential and set an example across the business of what exceptional Front End development is and should be in the future.
Integration of the Front End capability with other specialisms, expanding your own and others skillsets to become more T shaped people.
Taking initiatives - The digital industry is far from mature and advances at a considerable pace. So we must continually reinvent ourselves in order to maintain relevance to our customers - to do that Draw wants to benefit from your ideas and initiatives, to make the company perform better.
Ambassadorial about Front End and what it can do for our customers. A true champion of your craft.
Autonomy - Whilst the company is supportive and nurturing it is also composed of people who aren’t afraid of autonomy. You will often act for the firm and take decisions on its behalf - and we encourage you to do so.
Gravitas - You will be working with senior clients so you need to earn their trust and respect whilst reflecting the values of the agency,.
No Ego - While UX is at the forefront of the agency’s solution delivery, getting the job done is a team effort and we all work together to bring out the best in each other.
Approachability - You need to be open and approachable so that members of the team feel they can come to you for advice and ideas.
A radiator, not a drain - You need to transmit enthusiasm, confidence and energy to the team and clients. It will buoy the team on a grey day, and ensure our clients never forget our enthusiasm for helping drive their success.
Sense of humour - Yes please.
Our values and culture
We’re serious about ensuring that Draw is both an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. Here are some of the things that are important to us:
Make things better - This is the overarching value of the agency. Everything we do should revolve around constantly improving everything we touch: our work, our client relationships and the lives of our team. If we’re doing something that isn’t improving one (or all three) of those things, then it’s probably not right for us.
Time is precious - All we have is time. Both personally and professionally, it’s our most valuable resource. This is why we charge our clients appropriately and respect the time we give to and ask of each other.
Help this person - Agency life is all about people and we can improve any situation by better understanding those people and actively helping them.
All of us know more than any of us - Our strength is in our collective knowledge, skills and experience. It’s what our clients pay for and therefore everyone’s input is valuable and should be respected.
Treat people well - It seems obvious, but to us, it’s important enough to write down.

Skills Required

  • Frontend Development