Template Designer for PDF Craft Instructions Job at Amanda Rataj | The Dots
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11 days ago
  • Level Junior
  • Professions Graphic Designer
  • Type Freelance
  • Location Remote

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I’m looking for a designer to make a template for my self-published weaving patterns. I design and write these patterns for the home weaver - they have a number of set elements that remain the same for every project and then other sections that will change with the needs of the pattern, like numbered sewing instructions, and the patterns will contain both text and images. I need a template that is flexible and editable so that my future patterns have consistency and are easy for me to use and change, but come with some baked-in elements/rules so that I can’t mess it up.

Up until now, I’ve been using Pages to create the pattern and exporting them as PDFs, but I’m not great at the design side of things, and I think that the visual experience will benefit from professional knowledge.

What a pattern contains:
  • 4 main elements: a title page, overview, instructions, and a teaching page
  • Text and images
  • A weaving draft - a condensed visual pattern
  • A few ‘set’ pages that remain the same for each project (IE title, overview)
  • A few flexible pages that change according to the needs of the project (instructions, teaching page etc)

Some things that are important to me:
  • Clear, clean design - no frills
  • Easy for me to update and change depending on the needs of the pattern
  • Must be compatible with Affinity Publisher - I only publish 4-6 patterns a year, which doesn’t justify the cost of a Creative Cloud subscription
  • I’d love to add some accessibility features so the patterns are easy to use with screen readers

The primary user of my patterns is women ages 45+, with the bulk over 65 years old - I suspect they are viewed on a screen and printed in equal measure, so they will need to be printable at 300dpi.

While I do have some fonts I’ve been using to keep things consistent, I don’t have a visual brand or style and I’m open to suggestions and ideas. I have worked with a yarn company on their weaving patterns using a template and Adobe InDesign, so I’m familiar with the idea of a template and that sort of design software - I just don’t know how to make it myself (let alone make it look good!).

If you’re interested in making a template for me, please be in touch via email. I’d love to see some examples of your past work and a copy of your CV - and please let me know how much you typically charge for this type of work. I’ve never hired anyone to do work like this for me before, so if there’s a question you’d want to be asked or something I haven’t considered - please let me know!

Skills Required

  • Affinity Suite
  • Graphic Design