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Flexibility that works ​We are increasingly defining work on an output basis which makes flexibility more attractive than employer-employee models. An 'output based' contract is an agreement between a customer and a supplier, which creates a relationship for the delivery of services or products. The driving force behind the contract is that it focuses on what the deliverables are in business terms rather than how they should be delivered. A hot topic since 2017 which includes talent platforms, gig economy planning and AI. Open talent not only defines a way of working but highlights the shift in human behaviour as we move into the fourth industrial revolution. 6prog was started by friends from Brighton, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We had all experienced recruiting and being recruited and felt that these tasks would benefit from a single solution. We discussed various propositions with a large number of people in our own networks and summarised that: • Consultancies and Agencies are too expensive • Consultants spend time chasing updates • Clients need a variety recruitment expertise • The reverse job board service? “no thanks” • Everyone wants clearer communication • Everyone wants fair payment and fair charges So we designed a workflow that allows businesses to deliver. A toolkit for enabling B2B Milestones based SoW that the client and supplier can read together. Direct private communication. No hidden high cost margins. We decided to get a team together in order to build a modern solution. We launched in April 2017. 6prog is pushing the platform to do even more than it already does today. Become a member for free and help us on our shared journey to revolutionise business to business contracts.

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