A-MNEMONIC Music Productions



A-MNEMONIC is your first call for broadcast music production. Based in Soho, London; A-MNEMONIC is one of the UK’s most exciting music production companies. We produce the highest quality compositions, sound design and re-records for commercials, radio, and TV, through to licensing and library music searches. We are the award-winning secret weapon for advertising agencies, broadcasters, film makers and production companies across the world. A-MNEMONIC Music productions specialise in composing, arranging, re-recording and producing memorable music for Commercials, TV, Film, Radio or Digital content. With our talented team of composers, sound designers, and producers, we can efficiently produce music in any style or genre. We have a wealth of experience across a huge range of TV and film productions, and a deep knowledge of the client process. A-MNEMONIC have a background of working with advertising agencies, brands, TV, radio stations and film companies from all over the world; on all kinds of commercials and advertising campaigns both in the UK and overseas. Our TV Talent Team have created the theme tunes for many prime time and day time shows both in the UK, across BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky including top rated shows for Warner Brothers. What gets us out of bed every morning is the chance to deliver breath-taking, top-quality, original work to our clients. We assemble the best people for a reliable, creative, end-to-end service on every production working quickly and efficiently. If you’re working on creating a memorable commercial, give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help.