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ACS specialise in recruiting, onboarding & accelerating people and business performance. In 2005 ACS brought together coaches with decades of experience to form an executive coaching company. ACS continues to grow and flourish within the business performance sector today. We believe the success of a company is routed in its people. Successful strong growth or change is founded upon quality people and quality leadership. Hence the recruitment, onboarding and performance acceleration of individuals is critical to the success of a high performing business. Many of the challenges we have been presented with and overcome can be directly linked to the people who are employed within the business. We recognise that typically 1/3 of gross profit is being used in payroll, meaning your people are your business, they are without a doubt your biggest asset, and in turn they can be your biggest downfall. Our experience has shown us that getting the right people into a business is often a huge challenge. It is not a core competency of many employers, many feel they aren’t very good at it and that the recruitment process is complicated and very time consuming. ACS understand that the best people want to work for the high performing companies, the better the people you have the better your company will perform. We recognise that the best people are an investment; they desire the opportunities to grow, develop and flourish. Although important, the financial rewards are a “hygiene” reason people stay with a company. Job satisfaction, personal fulfillment and feeling they have a stake in the business are the real motivational reasons behind employee retention.