Aga Khan Foundation UK

World leading international development organisation

London, United Kingdom


ABOUT THE AGA KHAN FOUNDATION The Aga Khan Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life, enhance self-reliance and promote pluralism in poor and marginalised communities of Africa and Asia. It is one of the world’s leading international development organisations. Established in 1967, its long-term, community-based approach addresses and benefits people of all faiths and backgrounds, especially women and girls. Where disadvantaged or remote communities have limited access to essential services, the Foundation works with them to develop these. The Foundation supports people to become self-reliant and equal partners in their own development. Its activities enhance agriculture and food security, promote early childhood development and access to quality education, improve health and nutrition, advance economic inclusion, and strengthen civil society. Over the last 50 years, working alongside partners such as the UK’s Department for International Development, other government partners, and with the generous support of individual and institutional donors, the Foundation has been able to implement thousands of projects, enabling millions of people to lift their communities out of poverty. The UK office of the Aga Khan Foundation supports the broader Aga Khan Development Network by forming strategic partnerships with UK and European institutional partners and mobilising resources. AKF(UK) also serves as a learning institution for programme enhancement, policy dialogue, education, and disseminating best practices in international development. Through its series of events and talks, AKF helps raise awareness about particular issues with the development community and with the UK public.