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Address: 250 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 Phone: (647) 559-1956 Email: Aggressive Family Lawyer, based in Toronto, is a specialized legal consulting firm dedicated to supporting men through complex family law cases. We provide expert navigation through the often overwhelming divorce process, family court proceedings, child custody battles, prenuptial agreements, and separation issues. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on the unique and frequently underserved legal needs of men, providing robust, strategic representation. Our team's approach combines tireless advocacy with compassionate understanding, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive, informed support throughout their legal journey. Our experienced lawyers extend beyond mere legal advice. They adopt a solution-oriented mindset, helping clients make informed decisions and devise effective strategies for every case, from intricate child custody disputes to complex prenuptial agreements. We acknowledge the emotional stress associated with family legal matters, so we handle every case with empathy, patience, and a personal touch while fiercely defending our clients' rights. Aggressive Family Lawyer is your trusted ally in the challenging landscape of family law. We are committed to ensuring your voice is heard, your rights are protected, and the best possible outcome is achieved. We're more than just your lawyers; we're your dedicated advocates. Keywords: Aggressive Family Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer For Men, Family Court Lawyer, Child Custody Lawyer, Prenup Lawyer, Separation Lawyer Hours: 24/7 Starting year: 2023 Number of Employees: 4 Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard, Interac e-transfer, Cheque, Bank Transfer