We are Specialist Builders for Theatre and the Arts.

Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom


Founded by Danny Hayter and Piers Ross in 2000, All Scene All Props provides scenery and props to theatre and related arts. We now have an enviable reputation within the industry for the quality and execution of the projects that we have worked on. Experienced in delivering a full range of services related to this sector, we take projects from conception, through rehearsal until opening night and beyond. Our client list includes both large and medium scale West End producers, opera houses, regional venues and a range of other clients. With a skilled and experienced workforce that can provide a wide variety of construction techniques and scenic art to cater for all types of project, our 25,000 sq ft workshop houses all areas of production under one roof, including individual areas for Carpentry, Engineering, Scenic art, and a full scale space to pre-build all projects before they leave the workshop. All aspects of the work we undertake passes though our production offices where projects are run by an individual project manager, drawings are detailed in CAD as required and final paint and finish samples are provided before anything enters the workshop.

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