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London, United Kingdom


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We're B+A. We help organisations grow, innovate and change. B+A is the fastest most creative management consultancy in the world. We help our clients unlock better answer faster. Our working method is bespoke and accelerated. Being bespoke means working in ways that are most relevant to the way our clients work. Ultimately, this is about doing everything we can to help our clients be able to act upon the work we deliver to and with them. Being accelerated means working swiftly and efficiently to save our clients time and money. In most walks of life you actually pay more for something to happen faster. But not in consulting. This doesn’t make sense to us. So we design our processes to get you to where you need to be as quickly as you can get there. We work to answer three questions our clients often ask themselves. 1. What is going on in the world around us ? 2. Where do we go next ? 3. How do we get the best from our people ? Sometimes we might answer just one. At other times we answer all 3. Our search for answers to these questions most often take the form of: 1. Global consumer research and insight gathering. 2. Global and local strategy development (brand, business, innovation, business model, product development). 3. Development of visions, missions and values. 4. Organisational culture evolution. 5. Workshop and meeting facilitation.

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