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Bamsound Creative is a Spatial XR company which also encompasses Spatial Sound Studios & XR Studios EU, forming part of the BCVR Group. Our Immersive work in XR includes experiences for Burberry, Universal Pictures, Red Bull, The Premier league, NME, BBC Sport and many others. XR Productions currently in development include experiences in collaboration with the highly regarded IST Vienna Institute, Augmented Reality Productions in Gap School Learning for the Be Kind Movement Charity and ‘Earth XR Extra’ Productions in collaboration with some leading science institutions.. Earth XR will also be a vehicle for good and we have also begun discussions to attach Eco-Conscious charities and institutions through its use of focus driven and immersive VR to educate and inform a wider audience on our planet's current and fragile future. Spatial Sound Supervisors & Immersive Sound Art installations (under the artist name @dyskenetik) and Film Sound Designers with work ranging from Feature Film, Broadcast, Commercial and Immersive Installation. New work includes a spatial musical performance AR Hololens installation coming to the V&A this Summer 2021. Academic Connections @ICMP London

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