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  • Graphic Designer
  • Owner, Reed Words Ltd. Creative writer for brands


Design for good? Is that the same as good design? We think so. We’re a brand design company founded on the simple belief that if we do our job well, the work we produce will make things better for people. Baxter and Bailey began in 2012, so we’re still a youngish enterprise. But behind the youthful facade lies a reassuring weight of experience. Between us, we’ve worked in the upper echelons of the design and branding business - for leading agencies, small-but-high-profile creative boutiques, and even on the client side - since the mid-90s. We’re ambitiously small - though growing steadily - and thoroughly enjoying the manoeuvrability and zippiness our independence gives us. We’re Brighton-based, with a second home in London. We work here in the UK and internationally. And however big or small the challenge, we throw the kitchen sink at producing work with real substance and impact - mobilising brilliantly talented collaborators from our network, as and when necessary. Over the years, we’ve done a huge amount of work in areas such as architecture, design and the arts. But these days our clients are a diverse bunch, with little more in common than a belief in the power of good design. They range from blue chips to start-ups, orchestras to charities. Here’s what we offer our clients: Brand strategy Brand identity Brand communications Brand environments If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, we’d love to hear from you.

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