Bazinga design and model maker

Hilversum, Netherlands


Hello I am Lorenzo Adamson and I am the owner of Bazinga Design & Model Maker ( from where I provide my model making and design skills to the creative industries. On the side, I design and make upcycled jewelry ( I am a senior model maker and designer, with a background in Industrial Design, Arts and Applied Arts with more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of creative industries and companies. Since I have moved to The Netherlands in 2007 I have had the privilege to work with talented people and successful companies in very different design and model making process. There are samples of my work on my website and further explanation of my experience in my CV. My skill set is in design, model making, sculpting, mold making and casting, decoration, set design, set construction, window dressing, carpentry, metal work and welding, air brush, big scale modelling, detailed modelling.