Beyond Your Sense


BEYOND YOUR SENSE MUSIC is an independent record label, active in London and Berlin. Founded the day of Goliath's fall, we help artists create, publish and distribute their work, using innovative and efficient methods and technology. Artists that we work with have opened up shows for US and UK major acts and have been featured by: Hypebeast, Noisey, VEVO, MTV Artists, VIVA Top 20 Charts Germany, JOIZ TV, Der Spiegel, ZDF/ARD, Abbey Road Studios and many more. Like every great invention, we started in the garage of the founders and have ever since become active internationally. We are directly involved in the music scene in the German and the British market and have a first hand understanding of what is happening and who is trending there. Ultimately, we love discovering and surrounding us with new acts, as we embrace creativity and helping young, new talent. Our ethos lays in connecting our artists and partner brands directly with the consumer, in order to form a long lasting bond and lifestyle affiliations. Our roaster and network reaches from rappers and singers, songwriters, producers and sound-engineers over to graphic designers, coders, designers and highly skilled management and PR.