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Birmingham, United Kingdom


Blaqbase is a curated shopping app with high quality and premium brands by black women.



Retail Futures 2020 Finalist

Fashion District

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  • Blaqbase was 1 of 14 finalists chosen in the Retail Futures 2020 competition out of 88 applications. The criteria for the competition was: CRITERION 1: SOLVING AN IDENTIFIED PROBLEM Is there an identified need and/or gap in the market? Is it an innovative concept with a clear solution? CRITERION 2: SIZE OF THE MARKET Does it have a USP and stand out from others currently in the market? Is it addressing a growing market and a future opportunity? CRITERION 3: POTENTIAL TO SCALE Are there strong plans for development and delivery? CRITERION 4: LEADERSHIP & STRENGTH OF TEAM Is there exceptional entrepreneurship? Is there relevant industry and/tech skillset within the team or the individual?

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