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ABOUT BURN & TAILOR builds visual communication assets for existing brands and helps new brands take off with complete branding. Because of it’s compact nature, our team is able to flexibly integrate itself into a company as a creative agent for the duration of any project as well as stay open for design collaborations of all colors. At the heart of BURN & TAILOR there is Judit Bernat and Tamas Szabo. Between the two of them they share 10 years of experience working as graphic designers, web designers and art directors for companies of all sizes both long term and short. WORKSTYLE When working cooperatively on complex projects we like to think big and small at the same time. We try to ensure that we can align our goals with the client’s to better understand the design challenge at hand. To ensure this we ask questions, do throughout research and synthethize perceptive solutions. Because of our team’s varied experiences we are able to handle projects both completely autonomously and operatively, depending on the needs of the actual project.