Your full service digital marketing and production service.

London, United Kingdom

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Buzzbar. Your full service digital marketing and production service without the high prices and hassles. We charge £65 per hours whether you want new photography, social media help, a video, digital copy or a new marketing strategy, we’re here to help y(our) world™. The price isn’t the best part though. We sit side-by-side in-person or virtual so it’s not only collaborative, fun and transparent, it’s also damn efficient. Probably why we get called ‘The Genius Bar® for Marketing’. You can see exactly where your money’s going thanks to the app and we don’t work on anything without your approval. £65 an hour, pay-by-the-minute, sit side-by-side. Job done. Oh and your first 30 minutes are on us. Buzzbar. Here to help y(our) world.™

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