Chicago Funeral Home



Address: 2800 S. River Rd Ste 170 Des Plaines, IL 60018 Phone: (847) 375-0095 Description: Lost a loved one? We empathize with you. Chicago Funeral Home is the support that helps you provide a befitting funeral ceremony for your lost loved one. We understand how challenging it is for you to set aside your grief to give your deceased the best farewell. Because we respect your emotion and wish toward the funeral arrangements for your lost loved one, we only require that you give us a written or verbal detail of how you want the funeral to be. Our services range from traditional funerals ending with burials or cremation. We also offer funeral services with scheduled time for visitation. We'll transport your lost loved one to their final resting place, even if it's out of state or country, and give them a good memorial service. Keywords: chicago funeral home, funeral homes chicago Hour: 24 Hour