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Light a candle for your bank – when you’re better informed, you’re harder to exploit. We launched in 2016 because banking is boring and broken, and are a ‘fast-growing start-up’ backed by the founders of Skype, Transferwise and Zoopla. In the past year (yes, mid pandemic) we’ve grown the team from 45 to 85, launched in North America, closed a $10m Series A led by Balderton Capital and helped over 3 million of you in the US, Canada and the UK feel better about your money. Our mission? To fight for the world’s financial health. Cleo’s not a bank. She doesn’t want your money and she’s on your side. Elevator pitch: A habit tracking and money management app, all wrapped up in a devastatingly (you’ll get it) intelligent chatbot. Cleo sits above your bank accounts and uses AI to analyse your spending and provide actionable insights. You get a range of features such as budget set-ups, spending wrecking, goal setting and personality modes whilst also helping to avoid overdraft charges with things like auto-savings and cash back rewards. You set your goals – getting out of your overdraft, saving for a down payment, being able to look at your balance without having a minor, major breakdown etc. – Cleo gets rid of your blockers. Like your bank, if they actually cared.

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