Code Untapped

Teaching BAME individuals through Hackathons

London, United Kingdom

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Empowering the BAME community to fulfill its potential through increasing diversity in technology. ​ Our mission is to provide individuals from a BAME background with an opportunity to learn, collaborate and showcase their skills through a regular programme of themed Hackathon++ workshops. ​ Each Hackathon will focus on a specific theme and technical challenge according to the Code Untapped programme. So that each member gets the chance to build upon and learn new techniques. ​ A select few of you will have an opportunity to showcase your abilities in front of our Hiring partners at future sponsored Hackathons. ​ So now is the time to start developing yourself and to prepare for a career in technology. ​ Code Untapped is here to unlock the BAME talent pool and create a generation of innovators. Checkout our meetup group below and join to find out more about our upcoming events.

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