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Cortex Creatives is a new-gen creative agency, community & online magazine championing the next generation of creative talent. Outsourcing the most talented forward-thinking, next-gen creatives, Cortex Creatives produces advertising campaigns, films, photography & events for brands specialising in fashion, music & lifestyle. We also sign the most accomplished creatives from our community to our very own talent agency, including photographers, videographers and illustrators. Our exclusive Slack Community is the hub for our high quality creators to share personal work, find work opportunities, post discussions and connect with fellow creatives and industry workers. Since our ‘birth’, we have been promoting the most talented next-gen creatives in all different formats; various members have tasted the ‘clean water’, so-to-speak, with the help of our collaborative mindset, events and projects. We assemble creatives for freelance projects, initiate exhibitions, pop up shops, live music events, print magazines, as well as our online magazine to interview and feature the taste-makers of tomorrow. Explore the ‘Cortex’ of the next generation of young professionals and discover your own definition of creativity. Please contact for all work enquiries and talent bookings. Let’s get it.

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