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Hello from Warsaw Creatives. We are a communication agency providing strategic value through creativity, engagement and sustainability. We would like to introduce you to our newly open Design and Creative Studio.



Golden Award for Creative Mailing


  • Creative and Design Studio won a KTR 2021 Golden Award for Creative Mailing Design, the work we did for our Hungarian client Aeron. KTR is a prestigious competition that celebrates the best of craft, creative work, and innovative designs. Our mailing for Aeron was a bespoke celebration of the brand’s collections which came to fruition during the pandemic. We got tasked with creating a creative solution to present a collection without hosting a runway show. Breaking elements of the runway inspired by albums and brutalist artefacts from Eastern Europe, we designed three albums, one for each fashion season. They were filled with texture samples to awaken a sense of touch, and a bespoke sculpture designed exclusively for Aeron by a Hungarian artist, to celebrate brands’ roots.⁠⁠

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