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EARN Media Limited



Established in 2012, we launched EARN because we know a different way to do marketing that creates a marketing team of millions. EARN’s philosophy was developed by Jamal Benmiloud from his 10 years of leading the marketing teams at Red Bull and Monster Energy. At the heart of our work is a profound commitment to develop ideas that move brands from like to love, from the awareness based advertising model to the engagement and advocacy model. In our relatively short existence, EARN has worked in many countries, with a wide range of blue-chip clients including Castrol, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, EE, ITV, Qualcomm, Samsung, Veuve Clicquot and Universal Studios. Through this experience, the team has acquired a high level of expertise in building large-scale global brand platforms that drive significant engagement and advocacy with our clients’ brands. EARN’s first ever project made Castrol the most shared sponsor of the Fifa World Cup with the Castrol Footkhana film being shared by over 1 million people. Another EARN project for EE broke records for customer acquisition with 50,000 new customers in the first 10 hours of our EE Limited Editions SIM video launching on YouTube. We are a core management team of six with a wider team of over 100 talented creative and marketing specialists, selected based on the right fit for each project we undertake. In 2014, EARN was selected by Nesta to be part of their Creative Business Mentor Network which gives us support from some of the most successful creative leaders in the world.