Emmanuelle d'Ortoli

Fine and elegant jewelry


Driven by the diversity of the elements surrounding us and the need for perpetual novelty, the designer offers collections that evolve throughout the seasons, varying the colors of the most timeless and reworking the most elegant patterns of seasonal jewelry. This continual renewal makes it possible to offer jewels in limited series and give them a unique dimension. FGA gemologist, the designer, will take you on a journey and discover new colors and materials in each collection. For all women who are free and always on the move, the designer adds to some of her jewels the possibility of playing with elements so that they remain faithful to the daily life of each woman who wears them. We will find the requirement of today's women in the choice to work with precious materials that will be stable over time and high-quality gems. In this world in perpetual motion, jewels mark the significant stages of life and are transmitted as a reminder of imperishable memories.