Fail Better Talks

Monthly symposium on failure in the creative industries


At Fail Better, we believe that there’s value to be found in disastrous design. In an effort to de-stigmatise 'failure', we want to honour glorious design botches for the invaluable lessons that they teach us. It's daring to take risks in design, and talking about them when it all goes pear-shaped is even more ballsy. Our monthly symposium gives voice to 4 intrepid designers to speak candidly of their worst ever creative work and, more importantly, what they've learned from it. There’s no greater hindrance to the creative process than a crippling fear of failure, so let's crush our trepidation with a series of hilarious anecdotes, a touch of schadenfreude, and lots of laughter. Fail Better will encourage designers to take more risks in their design work. After all, what is the worst that could happen? You could end up being one of our speakers.



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