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Flamingo Lily Ltd

Set Design and Production for Live Performance & Events

London, United Kingdom


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A boutique creative agency specialising in set design and production for live performance and events. What is a Flamingo Lily? Some time ago the clever folks at NASA made the wonderful discovery that the Flamingo Lily plant filtered toxins from the air. We've adopted the Flamingo Lily's style, a perfect pairing of function disguised as frivolity. We too filter the creative and production process, using only the skills, resources and people necessary to bring a performance or an event to life. Founder and Creative Director Beth Ward heads up Flamingo Lily developing the creative ideas with clients before assembling a team of creative, technical and build specialists from an extensive network of freelance talent and regular partner agencies with shared values. This bespoke approach gives us access to a wider pool of creative talent matching specialist skills to each brief. So we can focus on what's important - creating beautiful moments in wonderfully designed spaces.

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