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Projects credited in

    Kayla George
    Digital Marketer, Content curator , Brand strategist
  • Flannels x Y3 Campaign
    arron watson-mcnab
    Freelance Photographer
    Nas Abraham
    Multi-Media Visual Artist
  • Flannels
    Global Street Art
    Our mission: to live in painted cities
    Pico Favelado
    Gini Standard-Sheader
    Art Director
  • Cover Design - GQ Style x Flannels
    Jane Hassanali
    Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • GQ Heroes Conference
    Timebased is a creative, experience-driven events company
    Gini Standard-Sheader
    Art Director
    Maritza Fennell


FLANNELS is one of the UK’s leading luxury retailers, specialising in contemporary men’s and women’s designer clothing, footwear and accessories. Founded by Neil Prosser, the first FLANNELS store opened at 88 King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire in 1976. The FLANNELS Group now boasts a total of nine stores nationwide, along with a highly profitable, global e- commerce platform at FLANNELS.com. Over the next 18 months, FLANNELS.com will experience a facelift, whilst all of FLANNELS’ social media outlets will be re-programmed to ensure a clear, cohesive digital language in preparation for the launch of a London Flagship store.

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