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Behind every great woman is a group of other great women: the ones checking your messages before you hit send. Freeda UK is the #1 media brand for the new generation. We inspire, represent and speak about what we care about the most, through unique content and experiences that we are passionate about. Our mission is to spread real stories to inspire positive change and impact within society. We do that by promoting achievements, inspiring personal style and celebrating sisterhood. We create original premium content designed for all screens and social platforms dedicated to the relevant passions, cultures and news to the new generation. We were founded and launched in Italy in 2017. Since then we have opened in Spain during 2018 and the UK in 2019. Now our team is composed of over 150+ people, spread across Milan, Madrid and London who create content and share experiences dedicated to a community of +5m every day across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Linked In. Our community is made up of Millennials and Gen Z and they are the largest generational groups in the global population (63% in 2019). Very soon they'll also be the cohort with the highest spending power worldwide. We operate as a venture-backed startup with strong engineers and marketing teams. This operating model gives us an edge traditional media companies simply can't match; and we create much of the most compelling and authentic content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn in the geographies we are in. We invest in our team and to build an incredible culture that our people love to be part of. Everyday we are planning unique content, original and meaningful collaborations with brands, and of course are growing fast. The UK team is the newest in the Freeda family and we are starting out with big ambitions for what we can achieve in this market.

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