Full House Remodeling Houston TX



6002 Duxbury St. Houston TX 77035 USA (713) 842-9569 service@fullhouse-remodeling.com Welcome to Full House Remodeling in Houston TX, a home improvement and full service roofing company that provides high quality services to keep the well-being of our consumers and deals with their household needs. We specialise in fixing, installing, and remodeling gutters, windows, roofs, bathrooms, kitchen, patio, flowing, landscape, and a lot more. We only use the highest quality materials and work with the best people who are qualified and highly trained in handling any type of home remodeling services. As a company with years of experience in the business, we strive to provide competent and budget-friendly home remodeling solutions around Houston, Texas by following the highest standards of service and maintaining the credibility we created through time.